Automated marketing tools

    If you have a business where you receive enquiries by email you will be aware that a quick response is essential. In fact, research shows that you are more likely to get the business if you respond within five minutes, but is your team achieving this? It can be difficult to find out, but if you invest a small amount in the timetoreply software package you will find it becomes very simple indeed. With a wealth of useful features timetoreply is a great system that will fast become invaluable.

    What can it do for you? First and foremost it can be used to measure the response times to emails coming in to your business for a fast reply. This can be done by monitoring individual or group mailboxes, and you can also measure the time in which enquiries are redirected to your sales agents. With excellent reporting facilities you can draw up the relevant information quickly and in a presentable manner, and you will soon find it helps you improve the working practices in all areas of your business. Efficiency is often the key to converting enquiries into sales, and you can see how effective timetoreply is by keeping an eye on improved response times.

    There is absolutely no doubt that timetoreply will quickly result in improvements to your business and that quick response times are the key to this. It is a proven fact that if your competition responds first they will more likely gain the business than you will. For the best operation in the sales and enquiries departments you need to invest in timetoreply, so why not get in touch with them now and see how this clever and simple to use package can help you get the very best out of your workforce and improve your sales?

    Marketing your product

    Are you a business owner with a workforce you want a uniform for? Why not consider branded clothing? Perhaps you are looking for quality corporate gifts that can be used to further your brand awareness? If you need branding ideas, or quality corporate branded clothing, then The Promo Group can help. A leading name in the corporate clothing and branding industry in South Africa, The Promo Group has a range of items that is as comprehensive as can be, and all at excellent prices.

    With quality guaranteed, you can choose from a selection of superb t-shirts, jackets, fleeces and even body warmers, each of which can be branded with your company name, logo or message in the most appropriate fashion, and all of which are top quality products that can be bought for excellent prices. The Promo Group provides help and advice on the right method of branding for your promotional products, and also offers a free artwork service as part of the deal. With free delivery on all orders you can expect your products to be sent to your address in good time, and to be perfect for your requirements.

    The Promo Group is not just about corporate clothing, however, as they also offer a wide range of corporate gifts. Everything from branded memory sticks in a wide range of colours and styles to corporate hampers can be found in what is an excellent range, and there are many more ideas including themed products and those of a more quirky nature. With professional service and friendly team waiting to help you find the perfect product for your needs,  why not get in touch with The Promo Group right now, and see how they can help with your corporate clothing or branded goods requirements?

    Marketing a healthy lifestyle

    Melbourne is a city with many charms – indeed, it has been voted the ‘world’s most liveable city’ – and one that offers many delights. With many people turning to healthier eating and living, and paying attention to their general wellbeing, it pays to know where to go for the best food, fitness and more, and Oh My Goodness is the source of all this information. Created by a local lady who recognised the growing desire to keep fit and healthy, Oh My Goodness is a welcome resource for residents and visitors alike, and offers a fantastic array of suggestions.

    If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a healthy breakfast, Oh My Goodness can point you in the right direction. The healthy eating guide is divided into geographical areas of the city, s o you can find the right place near to your home, office or hotel. Furthermore, it’s not just breakfast, for the comprehensive guide covers the best places for dinner, lunch and even snacks and drinks, and comes with a price guide too. It’s a cleverly designed site that is popular with tourists and residents, and one that is constantly added to as new places are found.

    You can also use Oh My Goodness to find great places to train and keep fit,like in Grampians Australia, or attend to your general wellbeing, as well as a number of guides to superb places to visit, and information on inspirational people and developments in and around the city. With plenty of additional information, plus an informative and interesting blog, Oh My Goodness is an essential tool for anyone visiting Melbourne, and one that residents and those who work in the city can also use to their advantage, so have a look now and find that perfect place for a healthy meal.

    Wearing your brand – promoting your business

    If you are a business owner who likes the workforce to look smart, you should consider quality golf shirts branded with logo. However, why stop there? Why not go the full way and have them branded with your company name, logo or message, and in your corporate colours? It’s a great way of making sure your employees look great and feel comfortable, and if you choose from the excellent range available at Brandability you are assured of excellent quality in both the product and the branding service. With many satisfied customers across South Africa, Brandability has become firmly established as a leading name in the branding and marketing world.
    Brandability offers a wide range of superb golf shirts in a full choice of colours, styles and sizes, and for both men and women. With everything from plain pastel shades to multi coloured and striped designs, there will be something to suit everyone here, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the competitive prices across the range. With only the very best quality products supplied, Brandability guarantees you get comfortable, durable products that will put up with frequent use and last a long time.
    Brandability offers a full design service, including free artwork, and the friendly team will be more than happy to work with you from the outset to make sure your branding needs are met in full. With the latest techniques and equipment used, you get a fast and accurate service at an excellent price. Whether you want just a few or many they can help with your requirements, and all clients are treated with the same level of service. If branded golf shirts sound like they could be of interest to you, why not get in touch with Brandability right away, and they will be more than happy to help you.