Marketing a healthy lifestyle

Melbourne is a city with many charms – indeed, it has been voted the ‘world’s most liveable city’ – and one that offers many delights. With many people turning to healthier eating and living, and paying attention to their general wellbeing, it pays to know where to go for the best food, fitness and more, and Oh My Goodness is the source of all this information. Created by a local lady who recognised the growing desire to keep fit and healthy, Oh My Goodness is a welcome resource for residents and visitors alike, and offers a fantastic array of suggestions.

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a healthy breakfast, Oh My Goodness can point you in the right direction. The healthy eating guide is divided into geographical areas of the city, s o you can find the right place near to your home, office or hotel. Furthermore, it’s not just breakfast, for the comprehensive guide covers the best places for dinner, lunch and even snacks and drinks, and comes with a price guide too. It’s a cleverly designed site that is popular with tourists and residents, and one that is constantly added to as new places are found.

You can also use Oh My Goodness to find great places to train and keep fit,like in Grampians Australia, or attend to your general wellbeing, as well as a number of guides to superb places to visit, and information on inspirational people and developments in and around the city. With plenty of additional information, plus an informative and interesting blog, Oh My Goodness is an essential tool for anyone visiting Melbourne, and one that residents and those who work in the city can also use to their advantage, so have a look now and find that perfect place for a healthy meal.