Automated marketing tools

If you have a business where you receive enquiries by email you will be aware that a quick response is essential. In fact, research shows that you are more likely to get the business if you respond within five minutes, but is your team achieving this? It can be difficult to find out, but if you invest a small amount in the timetoreply software package you will find it becomes very simple indeed. With a wealth of useful features timetoreply is a great system that will fast become invaluable.

What can it do for you? First and foremost it can be used to measure the response times to emails coming in to your business for a fast reply. This can be done by monitoring individual or group mailboxes, and you can also measure the time in which enquiries are redirected to your sales agents. With excellent reporting facilities you can draw up the relevant information quickly and in a presentable manner, and you will soon find it helps you improve the working practices in all areas of your business. Efficiency is often the key to converting enquiries into sales, and you can see how effective timetoreply is by keeping an eye on improved response times.

There is absolutely no doubt that timetoreply will quickly result in improvements to your business and that quick response times are the key to this. It is a proven fact that if your competition responds first they will more likely gain the business than you will. For the best operation in the sales and enquiries departments you need to invest in timetoreply, so why not get in touch with them now and see how this clever and simple to use package can help you get the very best out of your workforce and improve your sales?