The Dangers of Oil Mist

images-31In all areas of industry where machining is involved there is always the problem of oil mist. This is the tiny droplets formed when the liquids used in the process react with the grinding, drilling or other process involved, and it can be hazardous if inhaled by the operator.

This is why a viable and effective ventilation and oil mist extraction system is a necessity, and at HPT Africa they can offer you the expertise you need to ensure your workplace is a safe and sound areas at all times. With customers across South Africa and the surrounding areas you are in safe hands.

HPT Africa has won awards for its bespoke installations and has worked with everyone from small workshops to major corporations, and they are more than happy to have a look at your requirements and advise you on the very best course of action to deal with your oil mist problems. see their website here

Eco-Friendly Aquaculture Solutions

The need to be environmentally friendly applies to all areas of industry and commerce, and in the various elements of aquaculture in South Africa it is important to pay close attention to the products and solutions that are used. At BluePlanet SA, a leading name in bacterial solutions, you get the benefit of chemical-free solutions and proven results, at sensible prices and with the promise of increased yield and better water quality. With proven results in the growth of shrimps and fish, their AquaClean product is one of the leading names in the industry.

AquaClean uses no chemical elements so reduces the threat of pollution while improving water quality management in aquaculture, and also helps with the problem of sludge build up and many other associated problems. You can find out more about the BluePlanet SA range of aquaculture and agriculture bacterial solutions on their website, or get in touch and see what they can do to help.