For wildlife lovers the West-African country of Namibia is a delight; here you can visit not only the magnificent Etosha National Park – complete with its elephant, rhino and big cats – but the country is also home to a number of conservation programmes within the accommodation Namibia, allowing you close access to many of the most endangered animals in Africa.


From the wonderful cheetah conservation reserves  one of the great things to do in Namibia, where you can get as close as possible to the most elusive and magical of the big cats, to the amazing wild horses of the Namib Desert there is plenty of excitement and wonder in this unspoilt and beautiful place, and at Book Namibia you can find all the advice you need on visiting Namibia.

Book Namibia contains information on the various conservation programmes as well as advice on accommodation, tour operators and much more, so why not check out the Book Namibia website right now and discover the many delights of Namibia.